The Congressional Evaluation Project: Table 3 — Senate Incumbents' Background, 2004, arranged by percentage of vote received in 1998.

Includes only those Senators whose term of office expires in 2004.

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Incumbent SenatorstatepartyRR in state GOP% vote 1998termsreligious affiliationmilitary service
Murkowski, LisaAKRstrong-ncnone0.5Catholicno
Shelby, RichardALRstrong-nc633Presbyterianno
Lincoln, BlancheARDstrong-up551Episcopalianno
McCain, JohnAZRmoderate-down693EpiscopalianNavy, 1958-80 V
Boxer, BarbaraCADmoderate-down532Jewishno
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse ***CORstrong-upup622noneUSAF 1951-53 K
Dodd, ChristopherCTDweak-nc654CatholicArmy Reserves, 1969-75
Graham, Bob ***FLDmoderate-down623United Church of Christno
Miller, Zell ***GADmoderate-down581MethodistUSMC, 1953-56
Inouye, DanielHIDmoderate-down797United MethodistArmy, 1943-47 WWII
Grassley, CharlesIARstrong-nc684Baptistno
Crapo, MikeIDRstrong-nc701Mormonno
Fitzgerald, Peter ***ILRmoderate-up501Catholicno
Bayh, EvanINDmoderate-nc641Episcopalianno
Brownback, SamKSRmoderate-nc651Methodistno
Bunning, JimKYRmoderate-nc501Catholicno
Breaux, John ***LADmoderate-down643Catholicno
Mikulski, BarbaraMDDmoderate-up713Catholicno
Bond, ChristopherMORstrong-upup533Presbyterianno
Edwards, John ***NCDmoderate-down511Methodistno
Dorgan, ByronNDDmoderate-up632Lutheranno
Gregg, JuddNHRmoderate-up682Protestantno
Reid, HarryNVDmoderate-nc483Mormonno
Schumer, CharlesNYDweak-nc551Jewishno
Voinovich, GeorgeOHRmoderate-nc561Catholicno
Nickels, Don ***OKRstrong-nc664CatholicOK Natl. Guard, 1970-76
Wyden, RonORDstrong-nc611Jewishno
Spector, ArlenPARmoderate-nc614JewishUSAF 1951-53
Hollings, Ernest ***SCDstrong-nc536LutheranArmy 1942-45 WWII
Daschle, TomSDDstrong-upup623CatholicUSAF, '69-72; Reserves, '75-78
Bennett, RobertUTRmoderate-nc642MormonChaplain, Army Nat'l Guard, 1957-60
Leahy, PatrickVTDweak-nc725Catholicno
Murray, PattyWADmoderate-down582Catholicno
Feingold, RussellWIDmoderate-nc512Jewishno

Key to Abbreviations
State or state/district : the incumbent's constituents.
Party: Democrat (D), Republican (R), Democrat-Farm-Labor (DFL), Independent (I).
RR in state GOP: Estimated strength of the Religious Right in the state Republican Party.
% vote 1998 or % vote 2002: Incumbent's winning percentage of the last vote.
Terms: The number of terms served in this elected position.
Religious affiliation: Primary religious affiliation.
Military service.: Service in the U.S. military, National Guard or Peace Corps. Wartime service is indicated by WW for World War II, K for Korea, V for Vietnam. OCS is Officers Candidate School.
***: not running for re-election this year.
sp. el.: put into office by a special election in 2004

The Congressional Evaluation Project
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Table 4 — Senate Incumbents Ratings by State

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