Roast Chicken II — Microwave

They say it can't be done. They're wrong.



The Cooking Mavens claim that you can't get a decent roast chicken from a microwave oven. They're wrong. What you don't get is a pretty brown skin, which the Food Nazis say you shouldn't eat anyway. (Of course, if you listened to the Food Nazis, you'd be eating chicken breast meat only, boiled, and not a whole roast chicken.) You also get juice instead of drippings.

Now, the Cooking Mavens have a recipe called chicken in a clay pot, which requires a special terra cotta pot; hard to find, expensive, fragile, and hard to clean. It tastes exactly like this microwave chicken, only it takes a lot longer to cook.

Herewith, How To Do It:


One whole chicken (Duh!).


Rinse off the bird. Make sure that you remove the giblets. Save them for making soup later. Put it breast side down in a microwave-safe casserole with a good lid. (Secret — start with the chicken upside down.)


Zap the bird for three minutes per pound. Take it out of the oven, drain off the juice for later, turn it right side up (breast up), put it back in the microwave (covered) and zap again for three minutes per pound. Drain off the juice for gravy.

Disregard sounds of explosions from inside the microwave, unless they're accompanies by violet flashes.


Let it sit for a few minutes to reabsorb its juices.


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