Like guacamole. Kinda. Sorta.



This isn't real guacamole because it doesn't have tomato or onion. I can't eat raw onions; Kit can't eat raw tomatos.

I originally came up with this for a St. Paddy's Day theme at a WSFA meeting, where the hostess had requested green food. I molded it in the shape of a shamrock and presented it as Irish Ichor (or, in Gaelic, Erin go Bleagh) *.

I think the original of this comes from Nigella Lawson's TV show, strained through my bad memory.


All quantities are extremely non- critical.


Smoosh everything together. Sprinkle some more chopped cilantro over the top as a garnish.


  1. * Why, yes, I am a Lovecraft fan. Why do you ask?

  2. ** 0-3 depending on the peppers and the asbestos quotient of your tongue. See the Salsa Llaja recipe for a brief dissertation on hot peppers.


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