The Congressional Evaluation Project: Table 5 — Senate Incumbents' Ratings Sorted by 2003 Christian Coalition, Tax Limits, Conservative Union and Right to Life approval ratings

Includes only those Senators whose term of office expires in 2004.

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Incumbent SenatorstatepartyDemocratic ActionACLUAFSCMEPpl. for Amer.Way.ConservationPublic HealthFamily/Repro.Health '99-'02Education-'03Ch. of CommerceRight to LifeConservative UnionGun Owners-03Tax LimitsChr. Coalition-02Chr. Coalition-03
Nickels, Don***OKR0200001201895100100B-100100100
Bunning, Jim KYR0201300002795100100B100100100
Bennett, RobertUTR52013860027100100100D97100100
Gregg, JuddNHR102000532502710010085C-97100100
Brownback, SamKSR5200060027100100100B94100100
Grassley, CharlesIAR102008600369510095C91100100
Bond, ChristopherMOR10400812002710010084C9180100
Voinovich, GeorgeOHR540148000279510090D8880100
Shelby, RichardALR1020388600278510089B88100100
Fitzgerald, Peter ***ILR200258590018903384F8880100
Crapo, MikeIDR1040015600279410094B8780100
Miller, Zell ***GAD3025753860x2579047x5860100
Murkowski, LisaAKRxxxxx12x55xxxxxx83
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse ***COR3020388121250458510088B-9110083
McCain, JohnAZR20029234125045793378C-676083
Spector, ArlenPAR356038385312833685050C-564083
Breaux, John ***LAD6550885418500917910042F268050
Bayh, EvanIND706075774175839165030F21033
Lincoln, BlancheARD706075692450839175040F172016
Hollings, Ernest ***SCD85601007765868391553315F94016
Dorgan, ByronNDD90401006947625010050020F64016
Reid, HarryNVD8540100779488091453310F6016
Leahy, Patrick VTD9560100859488801005500F-3016
Daschle, TomSDD856075855988839158022F0016
Wyden, RonORD8560758576121009160015F2100
Feingold, RussellWID9080759288100100912005F14200
Edwards, John ***NCD706010085591001008355030x600
Graham, Bob ***FLD756088855910010010060020F-600
Schumer, Charles NYD8560100929410010010050010F-600
Murray, PattyWAD906088857610010010055010F300
Mikulski, BarbaraMDD1006010092821001001004700F-300
Dodd, ChristopherCTD80601007776100100824005F-0200
Boxer, BarbaraCAD90601008594100100914005F-000
Inouye, DanielHID805010085711001001004100F000

Key to Abbreviations
State or state/district : the incumbent's constituents.
Party: Democrat (D), Republican (R), Democrat-Farm-Labor (DFL), Independent (I).
Democratic Action: Americans for Democratic Action.
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union.
AFSCME: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.
Ppl.for Amer. Way: People for the American Way.
Conservation: League of Conservation Voters.
Public Health : American Public Health Association.
Family/Repro. Health '99-'03: National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association.
NEA-03: National Education Association.
Ch. of Commerce: Chamber of Commerce of the United States.
Right to Life: National Right to Life Committee.
Conservative Union: American Conservative Union.
Gun Owners: Gun Owners of America.
Tax Limits: National Tax Limitation Committee.
Chr. Coalition: The Christian Coalition of America.
***: not running for re-election this year.
sp. el.: put into office by a special election in 2004

The Congressional Evaluation Project
Table 4 — Senate Incumbents Ratings by State
Table 6 — Senate Incumbents Rated, Arranged by Political Party

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