The Congressional Evaluation Project: Table 14 — Incumbents who received < 56% of the vote in the last election, by party, strength of Religious Right in the local GOP, and percentage of vote.

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Includes only those Senators whose term of office expires in 2004.

Incumbent SenatorstatepartyRR in state GOP% votes 1998termsChr. Coalition-03
Boxer, BarbaraCADmoderate-down5320
Reid, HarryNVDmoderate-nc48316
Feingold, RussellWIDmoderate-nc5120
Lincoln, BlancheARDstrong-up55116
Schumer, Charles NYDweak-nc5510
Bunning, Jim KYRmoderate-nc501100
Bond, ChristopherMORstrong-upup533100
Incumbent Representative state/districtpartyRR in state GOP% votes 2002termsChr. Coalition-03
Case, EdHI-2D moderate-down4418
Marshall, JimGA-03D moderate-down51175
Alexander, RodneyLA-5Dmoderate-down50176
Larsen, RickWA-2Dmoderate-down50215
Cardoza, DennisCA-18Dmoderate-down51125
Miller, BradNC-13Dmoderate-down55115
Sanchez, LindaCA-39Dmoderate-down5510
Matheson, JimUT-2Dmoderate-nc49261
Moore, DennisKS-3Dmoderate-nc50330
Ryan, TimiOH-17Dmoderate-nc51125
Hill, BaronIN-9Dmoderate-nc51353
Holden, TimPA-17Dmoderate-nc51669
Michaud, MichaelME-2Dmoderate-nc52133
Carson, JuliaIN-7Dmoderate-nc53425
Berkley, ShelleyNV-1Dmoderate-nc54310
Van Hollen, ChrisMD-8Dmoderate-up5218
Davis, LincolnTN-4Dmoderate-up52172
Pomeroy, EarlNDDmoderate-up52638
Ruppersberger, DutchMD-2Dmoderate-up54133
Stenholm, CharlesTX-17Dstrong-nc511361
Edwards, ChetTX-11Dstrong-nc52723
Boswell, LeonardIA-3Dstrong-nc53438
Bell, ChrisTX-25Dstrong-nc5518
Hooley, DarleneOR-5Dstrong-nc55425
Thompson, BennieMS-2Dstrong-up5557
Bishop, TimNY-01Dweak-nc50116
Gingrey, PhilGA-11R moderate-down521100
Burns, MaxGA-12R moderate-down551100
Brown-Waite, GinnyFL-05Rmoderate-down481100
Renzi, RickAZ-1Rmoderate-down491100
Hayes, RobinNC-08Rmoderate-down543100
Harris, KatherineFL-13Rmoderate-down551100
Chocola, ChrisIN-2Rmoderate-nc50192
Gerlach, JimPA-06Rmoderate-nc51183
Hostettler, JohnIN-8Rmoderate-nc515100
Northrup, AnneKY-3Rmoderate-nc52492
Wilson, HeatherNM-1Rmoderate-up55376
Shimkus, JohnIL-19Rmoderate-up554100
Rogers, MikeAL-3Rstrong-nc501100
Neugebauer, RandyTX-19Rstrong-nc511100
Bonilla, HenryTX-23Rstrong-nc52676
Leech, JimIA-2Rstrong-nc521438
Kline, JohnMN-2Rstrong-nc53192
Cole, TomOK-4Rstrong-nc541100
Latham, TomIA-4Rstrong-nc55592
Beauprez, BobCO-7Rstrong-upup471100
Musgrave, MarilynCO-4Rstrong-upup551100
Simmons, RobCT-2Rweak-nc54246
Johnson, NancyCT-5Rweak-nc541141

Key to Abbreviations
State or state/district : the incumbent's constituents.
Party: Democrat (D), Republican (R), Democrat-Farm-Labor (DFL), Independent (I).
RR in state GOP: Estimated strength of the Religious Right in the state Republican Party.
% vote 1998 or % vote 2002: Incumbent's winning percentage of the last vote.
Terms: The number of terms served in this elected position.
Religious affiliation: Primary religious affiliation.
Military service.: Service in the U.S. military, National Guard or Peace Corps. Wartime service is indicated by WW for World War II, K for Korea, V for Vietnam. OCS is Officers Candidate School.
Democratic Action: Americans for Democratic Action.
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union.
AFSCME: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.
Ppl. for Amer. Way: People for the American Way.
Conservation: League of Conservation Voters.
Public Health : American Public Health Association.
Family/Repro. Health '99-'03: National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association.
NEA-03: National Education Association.
Ch. of Commerce: Chamber of Commerce of the United States.
Right to Life: National Right to Life Committee.
Conservative Union: American Conservative Union.
Gun Owners: Gun Owners of America.
Tax Limits: National Tax Limitation Committee.
Chr. Coalition: The Christian Coalition of America.
***: not running for re-election this year.
sp. el.: put into office by a special election in 2004

The Congressional Evaluation Project
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